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Copper Bonded Rod And Fittings

Copper Bonded rod are manufactured from high tensile low carbon steel by molecularly bonding 99.9% pure electrolytic copper with thickness of 0.25mm, these earth rods confirm to BS4340 grade 43A. Each rod is treated with benzol triozole derivatives to prevent oxidation of copper bonding. The threads are formed by roll threading process which ensure strength and maintain the molecularly bonded copper along the full length of the threads. The rods can be deep driven manually or by using power hammer.

Copper Bonded earth rod require copper bond rod, clamp, coupler and driving head. Bonded rods have high tensile strength of 600N/m2. Threads are rolled by rolling threading process which ensures that an even copper converting is maintained, even at the root of the thread. Due to the rolling thread process, thread diameter is greater than shank Dia. Driving head are made from steel and suitable for use with power hammers. Couplers are made from copper alloys and highly corrosion resistant. Couplers are used for connecting to rod to rod, rod to driving stud. Clamps are made from high copper alloys and strong resistance to corrosion.

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